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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Info Hero have to offer?
Info Hero is a data integration toolset that provides automation for our customers. The Info Hero interface is a .Net Windows Application, which is launched via Click Once deployment. The application communicates with its databases via secure web service communication over SSL. In most cases, file transfers are done via SFTP; however, Info Hero does support FTP, FTPS, and intra-network file transfers. The Info Hero Automation Engine provides the ability to schedule interfaces to run without user intervention. Email notifications can be set up to send on success and failure. Reporting is available to track the status, progress, and other associated metrics of interfaces.
How does Info Hero load the data into my collection software?
Info Hero has built-in connectors, which utilize available APIs to engage the core collection software functionality. The same logic used for new business and payment loads in your system is invoked through the Info Hero connector for a seamless load process.
What if Info Hero does not have a connector to my system?
We’ll partner up with our customers and build the connector so they can utilize the full functionality of Info Hero.
How does Info Hero handle my custom data and business rules?
All business rules required to be handled by the customer’s data interfaces can be handled by Info Hero. Each interface can be customized to meet the business need of the customer. The system connectors support custom data fields without any additional programming. This provides customers the ability to continue to load and pull data from their custom fields. The data warehouse also supports custom fields and displays them within the UI as they would appear in your system. Info Hero can also accommodate a customer’s data interfaces that dictate workflow based on different values in the data files or data points related to the account in the current system. Info Hero also has the ability to pull pieces of information from your system and combine that with information provided from the input file to make business decisions as needed.
How much visibility and maintainability would we have vs. what Emprise has to retain in house?
Info Hero provides the ability for the end user to monitor file runs, start manual runs, view reports, access the data warehouse, and maintain client profiles. With each interface, standard documentation will be provided and made available to the end user. This documentation includes a design document, data mapping, test plans, and a deployment document, which outlines the complete setup of the interface within Info Hero. There are some roadmap enhancements that involve allowing the end user to tweak mappings; however, today, all modifications would be maintained by the Emprise team as a part of the monthly maintenance.
If we decide to part ways with Info Hero, do we lose the interfaces?
The interfaces written for the Info Hero product can be obtained by the customer if they terminate the contract. This would allow the customer to execute interfaces by calling an executable to generate a normalized data file to be loaded into their current system. It would be the customer's responsibility to write the data interface to load the normalized format output by the executable.